The Change

Tonight I underwent the change. Having tossed and turned last night under fleece blankets and quilts that were just too hot, I pulled them all off the bed this morning.

The sheets went into the washing machine and I got on with my day.  At some point I moved them to the dryer, and tonight I made the big change. I remade the bed with only sheets, a cotton blanket and a light quilt that will be the bedspread. I climbed onto a step stool and pushed the fleece blankets and the down quilt far up into the top of the closet.  I hope not to need them for many months.

The newspaper had predicted 79 degrees for today, and though I don’t know if it got that high, it certainly was hot. I opened all the windows in celebration of the warm weather, only to close them later when it got too hot. Which is what I usually do on a summer day in central North Carolina.

At 7:30am when I headed out for a walk it was chilly enough to pile on a sweatshirt, but by the time I got home at 8:30am it was tied around my waist.

Because Winter is gone. And Spring is….?

And there’s the rub.  This past weekend when the temperatures soared into the 70’s out came the Redbud, and the Dogwood will not be far behind.

Bronze dogwood begins to bloom

But I am in no hurry for summer. I want much more Spring.  Warm days and cool nights and great sleeping weather – waking to the sound of the Phoebes who are nesting in the eave outside my bedroom window. There is a swath of tiny wildflowers in the yard and flocks of robins. Like the cuteness of kittens…. can we just freeze this moment? I want at least a few more weeks before those sultry hot days followed by hot nights.

But soon I will wish for that quilt. There will be a cold snap, maybe two. And I will shiver under my silly thin cotton blanket.  I will remember the year we had snow on April seventeenth.

But tonight, in mid-March, there is a most stunning night sky.  I am lucky to live far enough from city lights to still have a fabulous night sky.  The windows are open to the sound of the peepers, and the tree frogs and the gullomp of the bull frogs. Sounds from the Pond might transport you there.

Because there has been a change and we have moved on.

To another spring, another Spring Kiln Opening, and another fabulous Spring Shakori Hills Festival of Music and Dance – the events that mark our lives.

Clean sheets. A night sky.  A spring of events with friends.

Deyanu.  Truly, any one of these would be enough.