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Carol Hewitt





CAROL PEPPE HEWITT is an author, business owner, social entrepreneur, pioneer in the community finance movement, and a champion of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Since founding Slow Money NC in 2010, she has catalyzed over 160 peer-to-peer, low-interest loans to 90 small farmers and local food businesses in North Carolina. She also formed two Limited Liability Corporations that refinanced a coop grocery store for $400k, and financed a 75-acre community arts center for $630k. To date that totals over 2 million dollars in local investing in her home state of North Carolina. Her goal is to spread the message of the power and the pleasure of local investing, and to help build resilience in local foodsheds and local economies throughout the USA.

Her book, Financing Our Foodshed: Growing Local Food With Slow Money, (New Society Publishers, April 2013) tells the compelling, real life stories of twenty-two of those local food entrepreneurs – folks who grow, process, distribute, and sell local food – and the motivations behind the ordinary people in their communities who become their lenders. It is a blueprint for any community that wants to get moving from Wall Street to Main Street.

Growing up in rural Northwest Connecticut, Carol watched as one by one the working farms disappeared. As founder and Network Leader of Slow Money NC, she works to change that trend, guiding patient capital to small-scale farmers and the businesses that support them.