Driving with friends

Tonight I sat down with a few people who, like me, run their cars on biodiesel. We met because we share an interest, to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and to encourage more folks to do the same –
to fuel our vehicles with no war required.

Two of the four sitting around the table I had not met before. They each had their story of why they became biofuel junkies. We had much in common.  We are willing to pay a bit more, and be slightly inconvenienced to be able to spew fumes that smell like French fries.  It is far less inconvenient than living in a war zone, just so someone half the world away can leave their car idling in their yard until it gets nice and warm and then drive in cozy comfort twenty miles to the shopping mall.

Instead, tonight we restarted a biofuels coop and we plotted out how to make the membership happier and to add to its ranks. Now at 231, we’d like to take it up to 500-600 households.

Cleaner pump handles, more tanks in the area where we can go and fill up, and the use of Twitter and Facebook to get real-time news out to the coop members.

I’m pumped, pun intended.  Inspired and hopeful to be working with this team with a common mission to get more vehicles burning biodeisel.

I think I just heard the planet whisper  thanks.